Your hosts are Doctors Susan Marlene Gilliam and Dan Selden Gilliam, Sr.

Our interests are many and include several forms of ministry, Gospel music, camping, amateur radio, crafting, woodworking, remodeling and food.   Please visit our various links above and feel free to leave your information on our contact page.  Check back often to see our updates.

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Susan Marlene Hawkins Gilliam

Susan (aka Marlene) was born in Parkersburg, WV on February 19.   She is an accomplished singer/songwriter as well as an author.  Visit the Music link on the top of this page to check out her ministry tours as a Gospel singer.  Click on the Food link to learn about a healthy eating plan that happens to make the diner lose weight as they enjoy tasty meals.  Click on Books to read about her book, But God, They Died and find a link on how to order.

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Dr. Dan Selden Gilliam, Sr.

Dan was born in Washington, DC, on June 18.  He is the technology part of Marlene's Gospel Music. Click on Music to hear Marlene's Gospel Music,  He holds a Extra Class Amateur Radio License, with the call sign of K5KHZ. Click on Amateur Radio to see Dan's Ham Shack.  Dan likes to write historical novels, and you can find a sample of Four Oaks with a link on how to purchase a copy   He is an ordained pastor with various degrees in ministry areas.